Well, even though my kids are in fact being taught at home, they are not actually homeschooled.  They are enrolled in a virtual public school called Connections Academy of Houston.  It is a really awesome find that my mom discovered for me back in March of 2010 when I was seriously considering pulling the kids out of public school.  I was on a mission to start them in home school for the 2010-2011 school year.  I was frustrated with the school system mainly due to the fact that I was a substitute teacher for 3 years in our district and I experienced first hand the kind of things the kids had to deal with.  I wanted to be more involved in what they were being taught, shield them as much as I could from all kinds of unnecessary things that I felt, hindered their ability to learn. 

I spent days looking for just “the right” curriculum, to no avail.  The main problem was money.  All the good ones were just so dang expensive & how was I to afford getting textbooks & equipment for 3 kids?  It was frustrating & seemingly impossible.  Until…my mom,  (good ol’ mamma) knowing how desperately I desired to teach the kids at home, decided to do a little research herself.  She emailed me the Connections Academy website link & after spending the entire afternoon inspecting every bit of information with a fine tooth comb, watching videos, reading testimonials…I was 100% positively sure this was exactly what I was looking for.  It has exceeded my expectations to the ‘nth’ degree. 

The kids are really loving it & I am definitely amazed how well they have taken to it.  The initial reaction when I told them, was excitement.  Mainly due to the fact that they didn’t have to wake up at 6 in the morning anymore.  Okay, I was pretty excited about that too.  No more driving them to school looking like a zombie that hasn’t had her morning coffee yet while being caught by the train.  Ugh.  I don’t miss those days.   We are already in our second semester with Connections and I am pleased to say that all my kids are maintaining their A/B grade status.  I do have to warn you though…being a Learning Coach (yeah, that’s my title) is a lot of work.  Now remember, I have 3 kids so I imagine that doing this with 1 child would be less work, but nonetheless…still work.  There are scheduled classes daily that they are required to do, live lessons to attend with their online teacher, conference calls to make, lab projects to complete (sometimes these run into the weekends around here) and homework to check.  If you are interested in being more involved in your child’s everyday learning & don’t want to have to dish out BIG BUCKS  for a good curriculum or have the added stress of planning out every lesson, I highly recommend Connections Academy.


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