Meet Us

Welcome to Tidy Little Clutter.

Hi! My name is M or MnM as my hubby likes to refer to me as.  (My first & second initials combined)  I love sharing my life with the world because I love expressing my thoughts and ideas to all who are willing to lend thier eyes to read the words I type. I’m a lover of all things creative. Decorating, Landscaping, Art & Photography…but the main loves of my life are my Heavenly Father, my Savior Jesus Christ & my little family. They are the motivation for the things that I do.


This is my hubby, Shep.  (nickname he’s had before we met) He’s the handy-man around here. He keeps everything working like new. This man is a Joker of all trades.  (more on the term “Joker” in a later post)  Computer technician, electrician, plumber, carpenter…he does it all.  I’m so blessed to have this man in my life.  He also brings home the bacon.  That good ol’ thick-cut, peppered bacon.  Mmmm…good!



This is our beautiful teenage daughter, Jayda.  Just turned 13 & growing up too quickly.  😦  She spends her time reading & reading & did I mention reading?  She’s very intelligent & really wise for her age.  Quick witted and really fashionable too.   Some of her long-term goals are becoming a fashion stylist and a psychologist.  I tell her she can do whatever her heart desires.  Dream BIG and work hard!




Our middle child, Jacoby  definitely has  a unique personality.  He’s one that “thinks outside the box.”  He’s a hard worker and loves the outdoors.  He is always up for a challenge and is a fierce competitor.  Football is his passion as well as custom car designing.  He already has my custom Jeep all drawn up for me. His energy for life is unending.  I know God has great plans for him.



 Our “baby” Jai is such a character.  His love for life is apparent.  His passions are music, dancing, acting, performing & cooking.  I am currently working on his portfolio to get him into modeling.  He was made for the public eye.  He has a gift of joy in his heart and the love that he gives to us is unlike any I have known. 


We hope to share lots of moments with you.  Thanks for visiting us. 🙂


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